My Personal Review Of The Kettler Montana Stepper

Published: 14th January 2011
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Can't decide on what gym equipment to buy? The Kettler Montana Step Machine beats all the other fitness machines on the market, by a long shot. I was lucky to get one on sale for $400 a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed.

When I first opened the box, I immediately noticed how compact and portable this machine is in real life. I had to get something light and easy to transport because my work requires me to travel all the time..Even though I have never seen one there, I could see this machine being great at a gym. The very simple construction of the Kettler Montana Stepping Machine only adds to how durable this thing is, while it still manages to be the best workout I have ever come across.. The frame is constructed with heavy cast aluminum and all the parts move smooth. This machine wasn't made to look pretty either, everything has a purpose and doesn't make you waste your money on unnecessary cosmetics.

The machine initially comes in two pieces that you can easily fit together, the pedals and the base. The designers evidently wanted their product to be as portable as possible, so they made it quick to set up and disassemble.

I read through all the paperwork that came in the box, which were pretty basic, and then gave the machine a try. Even though I am overweight, I can still use this machine and get a great full body workout.As I mentioned before, the pedals move extremely smoothly and the resistance can be quickly adjusted by turning a small knob on the base. Not only did I feel comfortable using the stepperIKettler Montana, actually enjoyed my work out. I like to think that I am pretty strong, and the adjustable resistance allows me to get in the perfect zone.

To sum it all up, this is worth every single penny and would recommend it to anyone. The Kettler Stepper is not flashy or gimmicky, the design is brilliant and it's built to last. It might not be your cup of tea, but it certainly does more than enough for me and everyone else who has tried it! Check out the specs and see if it's what you are looking for. Kettler Montana Stepper Good luck with all of your endeavors.

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